Hello you!

Pitou Diving

Here we are, this is the great jump! I talked so much about it but finally my blog is getting alive. I just have no idea whether you will like it…but you know what? Actually it doesn’t matter so much since it can only get to you if I remain true to myself.

I love this picture of this person so close to my heart…I thought it illustrates very well how I want to live : just jump and enjoy every second of it.

I hope this is going to be the place where I will be able to share with you my thoughts, my feelings, what I love, what I hate, What I was, what I become, my travel inside, my travel in the world, my new life in the big apple, my doubts, my fears, my crushes, my coups de coeur…my life.

I know for sure I have a deep need for expressing myself and I could not find any better way. I just hope you will not find this selfish or narcissist and that on the contrary, while helping me to find my way, it might also do something on you (smile, think, amuse at the very least). I will not hide that what I really want out of this life is to have an impact on the world around me, on people most likely. Not sure how yet, it can be big, it can be ridiculously small.

Since I am a big fan of multi media, I have also tried to shoot my very 1st video (no dirty thing here, I can hear you) to try to give you more color on WHY I want to do it and what it will be about. The content is vary vague for now so please don’t expect much. And please, you, whoever you are, tell me what you think, talk to me, share with me!

Welcome to the world dear blog and let’s figure out what it will look like together, you and me;-)


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